Das Geheimnis der Stabilität von Rappgos Holzböden liegt im Aufbau der Dielen: Sie sind in Schichten aufgebaut, die im Winkel zueinander verleimt werden. Dies garantiert jahrelange Formstabilität und minimale Fugenbildung, wie sie ein massiver Holzboden niemals bieten kann. Während ein Massivboden ständig in Bewegung ist, liegt ein mehrschichtiger Boden fest und stabil.

    100 year old elms become plank flooring at Rappgo!

    In close collaboration with Ramnåsa Såg, Rappgo will be manufacturing plank flooring made from locally produced elms with a Växjö heritage that stretches back over 100 years. It was during the summer of 2013 that a decision was finalised to fell the elms outside of the Växjö Library and turn them into wood chips for the residents of Växjö.
    Johan Forsman, owner of Ramnåsa Såg, and Gustaf Rappe, CEO of Rappgo, were quick to realise that there should be other, significantly more enjoyable ways to make the most of this fantastic timber than simply incinerating it as wood chips at Växjö’s heating plants. The result of this realisation will be a unique plank floor in an extremely limited edition.

    Rappgo delivers plank flooring to Scandinavia’s first Gastro Hotel!

    In collaboration with Jonas Lindvall, who has primary responsibility for the hotel’s design and architecture, Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring with an unpretentious design and harmony in its structure and functionality. The inspiration for the floor is based on the cornerstones of Forest, Meadow and Lake, which also represent the gastronomic philosophy that will permeate the hotel.
    Rappgo has produced a white-pigmented oak plank, with local raw materials from heavy forest as the guiding concept. Plank flooring made from Swedish oak is often described as the classic floor, with full justice able to be done to the oak’s coherent tonality and beautiful patterns.


    Rappgo AB produziert Böden, die der Gesundheit und der Umwelt förderlich sind. Auf der Basis unseres gesamten Wissens und unserer Erfahrung schaffen wir alle Voraussetzungen für ein weitestgehend ressourcenschonendes Herstellungsverfahren.
    Die verarbeiteten Komponenten werden im Hinblick auf ihre Umweltfreundlichkeit genau geprüft und, falls erforderlich, verbessert.


    It was the 1960s, and Baron Adolf-Fredrik Rappe had come up with an idea for the serial production of plank flooring that was just as compact as parquet flooring; flooring with planks that were just as wide and beautiful as the floor he remembered from his childhood in the playroom at the family’s country house! Shouldn’t it be possible to achieve serial production of plank flooring that was totally stable, without dirt-collecting crevices? Rappgo was founded in 1967, by which time the product idea had been finalised: a wide plank with tongue and groove in three layers, with everything glued together to form a single, stable unit; a beautiful plank floor for people who love wooden flooring and who aren’t satisfied with half-done solutions.
    “If they can make compact parquet flooring then I can make plank flooring that is just as compact”.
    (Adolf-Fredrik Rappe, 1967).


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